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Cielito Marbus - Botanical artist & plant biologist 

Cielito is a both a botanist and botanical artist. Born in Newman, Western Australia and currently living in Perth, she works as a senior consultant botanist and freelance botanical illustrator.


Cielito draws on her experience in forest health research to inform her work. She explores the physiological and ecological curiosities of the plant world and produces scientifically accurate botanical records for publication. She is interested in anthropogenic interactions with the natural environment, particularly the dichotomy of natural process and human intervention, and the metabolic processes of plants in response. Whilst we as humans cannot help but mold and form our surroundings, we simultaneously seek out and delight in those parts of our surrounds that are untouched by our hands.

Exhibitions and Prizes

Leech-Partington Botanical Art Prize, Denmark WA, February 2021


Biodiversity in WA (Environmental Consultants Association WA Inc.), Perth December 2020

Other people’s gardens (Solo) Dwellingup Forest Discovery Centre, Dwellingup, June 2019

Botanica 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Sydney March 2019

Best in Show - Botanical Art Society of Australia Members Exhibition, Melbourne March 2019

Nature World, at Best Wishes Fremantle July 2018

Beauty from the Bush (Wildflower Society of WA), Kelmscott June 2018

People’s Choice Award - Clifton Art Prize, 2011


2018- 2019 Diploma in Botanical Illustration (Distance learning) Society of Botanical Artists, London UK (Incomplete)


2015 Certificate IV Visual Arts South West Institute of Technology, Margaret River

2010 First Class Honours in Biotechnology (Plant Pathology) Murdoch University

2008 Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology + minor in Plant Biology)

Bachelor of Commerce (Management) Murdoch University

Publications (Illustrations)

Davis R and Hislop M (2020) Acacia lachnocarpa (Fabaceae), a new, geographically restricted Wattle from the Coolgardie bioregion of Western Australia, Nurtsia 31:213-216


Hislop M (2020) Leucopogon kirupensis (Ericaceae: Styphelioideae: Styphelieae), a new, short-range endemic from the south-west corner of Western Australia, Nuytsia 31:111-115

Hislop M (2020) Stenanthera localis (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Styphelieae), a new rarity from Western Australia, Nuytsia 31:271-275

Macfarlane TD (2020) Nowhere to be seen: Deyeuxia abscondita (Poaceae), a new but presumed extinct species from south-western Australia, Nuytsia 31:179-185

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